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I was referred to Sandy by a co-worker and could not be more pleased. The instant I logged onto her website I was blown away by the professional design and ease of use of the site and just how easy it was to schedule an appointment. The session itself was incredible to say the least and helped me with some chronic pain that has been bothering me for over 2 years. Her treatment room is setup better that most spas I have been to in the past and the pricing on “bundling” multiple sessions make this the best value by far in the entire area. Paying for a 6 session bundle comes out to about half of what you would pay at any “Military Gym Spa” and well below what you would pay on the economy.I look forward to making this a part of my routine physical fitness program in the future. Thanks Sandy! ~ A. Landingham
I suffer from chronic tension and migraine headaches that I felt were related to a specific area in my back.   During the WONDERFUL massage she explained different anatomy and that the tightness in my legs could be partially to blame for the tension in my back.  I've always been too ticklish to let anyone massage my legs but she was able to avoid that and gave me a great full body massage complete with stretch techniques that worked muscles that I never knew I had.  Thanks so much Sandy! ~Diana Little
Sandy's massages are great even if you're of muscular build. I felt a lot less tensed and more relaxed after one session. Now ready for my second session. ~Kimberly Allen


Sandy Black did a awsome job on me, this has been one of the best massages I've ever had!! She's good, I've had back problems for years and she has helped reduce the pain. ~Juliana Sinnard

Sandy has a natural talent for helping you to relax and her hands work magic on you. I didn't even have to tell her what was hurting - she found it and worked it out. And her prices are very reasonable. Thanks for everything! ~ Rachel Goodspeed

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